Let's get it on!

Let's "get up offa that thing" and make some new things happen. I am not going to duck issues in the hope of sliding through this election, make hollow campaign promises or engage in vacuous promotion. You will find in the right side bar a number of sections providing you not only access to my comments, but an opportunity to respond and engage in real dialog. I am not going to glad hand you and you may find that I believe in some things with which you disagree, but frankly I think that's a good thing because chances are that if someone says they agree with you all the time they are lying to you. Beyond identify politics, sound-bite rants and partisan demagoguery we need to find common cause regarding our children's education, I believe we can accomplish that, and if you agree with that, then I invite you to click on the Donate tab and help make that difference.

Feel free to engage me in conversation over anything I have to say. We both may learn something from the experience.


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