AlaskaPride Goes Grober

According to the AlaskaPride blog:

In my opinion, the most experienced and one of the most electable candidates in this race. Has a superb IT and legal background, both essential to the operation of a modern school district. Has participated in numerous ASD Budget Review Teams and responded briefly but succinctly to the AEA survey. Supports the two school bonds and opposes merit pay for teachers as "unworkable". On the downside, shows a progressive streak by supporting the agenda of the Alaska Women's Political Caucus, which is a feminist group protectively cloaked behind the cover of "equality". But his powerful technical qualifications and exceptionally relevant background make him a major player in this race.

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Guilty on most counts.

I should note that AWPC did not endorse me, perhaps because of the very same kind of bias that the post argues (I don't have the proper equipment) but I have to suggest that there is a gap between endorsing a goal and approving any actions others might take to achieve that goal. The Russian Revolution was about freeing millions from an abusive totalitarian monarchy..... While I support collective bargaining and organized labor (a time-honored Republican position until relatively recently) I was not endorsed by AEA either. Bottom line here is that I am not afraid to speak my mind, nor am I concerned about you, the Anchorage resident, doing likewise; its called a conversation. But we are not going to have much of a conversation if we don't speak up.

We need to look deeper than identity politics and a tip o' the hat to AlaskaPride for being one of the few in Anchorage who have looked beyond unlawfully placed signs.....

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