Vincent Damon Furnier?

Vincent Damon Furnier may have never discussed regression recoupment or overcrowding in the classroom with his kids' teachers. Welcome to our nightmare, Vincent....

At present quarters are too short and teachers are always dancing around vacation days, recesses, etc. The lengthy summer vacation means that much of the first quarter is spent reteaching the previous Spring's material. Teachers don't get adequate administrative time. We already are spending money on summer programs. I believe that by reconfiguring our school calendar to provide a full year program (I prefer 4 quarters) we can beat back regression, reduce classroom crowding as well as increase academic offerings and provide flexibility in staffing and attendance.

I developed such a calendar a number of years ago and circulated it for discussion but the respondents opined that the public could not handle the change. Sounded like a bit of projection to me. But what could this really mean for you?

At present your child is out of school in the summer. Imagine the flexibility of being able to decide which, if any, quarters your child will be out of school? Imagine modular quarter length mastery based courses. Imagine instruction that was flexible enough to travel with you when you have to travel Outside or to the Bush.

Consider offering teachers a full work year, as well as being able to actually fund sabbaticals. Providing less disruptive options for employees starting families or suffering from major illnesses.

Yes, this kind of thing requires a bit more vision and a lot more work than we might see in the lyrics of "Schools Out For Summer", but while VIncent Damon Furnier rocks, maybe "Out for summer, Out till fall, We might not go back at all" is not the way to look at education.

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