Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

Our students learn as much by watching what community leaders actually do, as by what we tell them they should be doing. We tell them to be honest and to obey the law, yet what kind of example do we set?

I am surprised to learn that many in Anchorage do not yet understand that State regulations provide that

"each district shall ensure that a teacher employed by the district is
highly qualified if the teacher teaches a core academic subject after the
start of the 2006-2007 school year; or was hired after June 13, 2004, and

Time to Change How We Vote

It is high time that the some of the silliness we see as far as seat-wise election comes to an end. Considering the fact that we are very concerned with Math education, I think we might consider what Mathematics might tell us about voting.

We need to adopt a mechanism that allows us elect representatives (such as Board Members) without candidates being able to avoid consideration by the electorate simply because no one filed for a specific seat. Some alternative voting mechanisms that have been examined around the country and in board rooms are cumulative voting and approval voting.

Board Applications

For those who have been unable to locate them, the application packets for those seeking appointment to Seat B appear here:

And, for those who are curious as to what Ms. Mackie may have said in her application, her materials are found here:

Jeannie Mackie?

After the apparent endless discussion over how qualified the applicant pool was (it was), the Board moved lighting quick to cut out virtually all of the candidates who have been involved in the District. The interviews will be re-televised (per the schedule found here and should ASD eventually provide a streamed version I will post details as they become available) and it is well worth the viewing.

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